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interview with Maxine Kaplan, the author of THE ACCIDENTAL BAD GIRL

I'm super-thrilled to host another interview with my fellow 2018 debut - Maxine Kaplan!

Maxine's YA contemporary THE ACCIDENTAL BAD GIRL is a story of Kendall, who finds herself in a dangerous situation after her online identity is hacked. Early Goodreads reviewers praise it as "a clever update to the classic noir genre" and call it "spiky and complicated and punk and badass and feminist all in one". 

This sounds like perfection!'

And here's my interview with Maxine, where we discuss her early literary influences, her path to publication, and how she came about writing complex protagonists needing to navigate their way out of trouble.
What book influenced you most when you were a child (and why)? I thought long and hard about this one, because I spent a solid 90 percent of my time as a child reading. At one point I considered myself a “tomboy,” but even during that time, I distinctly remember asking my parents why kids on TV were always asking to go “o…

I answer your questions about WHAT THE WOODS KEEP, writing, life, & everything (well, almost everything)

Today is exactly five-months-to-publication date of my debut WHAT THE WOODS KEEP

To celebrate this milestone, I thought I'd tell you a bit more about this book of mine and also use this chance to answer some questions I've been getting through various social media channels (I promise I'll do the proper FAQ section on this site - eventually!).

So here goes!
So what's the book about? Oh, how I used to dread this question (how can I possibly summarize my complicated luminous monster of a book in only a few sentences?), but now I kind of welcome it, because I give a different "elevator pitch" every time I'm asked (LOL):  
It's a multimedia thriller...!
It's a story of a girl who has to come to terms with her heritage... !
It's about unbreakable female friendships...!

But how about you check out the book's official description here or here.
Or have a look at this shorter, snappier blurb: This YA supernatural mystery features two girls alone in the wood…

interview with Michelle Modesto: YA author and the talent behind those bookish makeup designs that got YA community so excited

I have something really cool for you all today, dear readers! 
It is a very special interview with a fellow YA author who is also an artist and whose stunning designs are making writerly hearts flutter with excitement and joy. 
I'm talking, of course, about Michelle Modesto.
Let's start from the beginning... A few weeks ago I woke up to an amazing surprise - something really cool has happened, and it was book-related. Now, as a humble debut author, any kind of (positive) attention to my darling luminous monster of a book-baby is a BIG DEAL to me, so this thing that happened felt very VERY special:

What kind of stunning sorcery is this, you might ask?
Well, this is what happens what art inspires art. In this case, when a book cover art inspires makeup design.
The creator of the above awesomeness (and of many others) is Michelle Modesto (@elle_modestoon Instagram). Aside from being a published author, she is also a talented makeup artist - and, you guessed it - her makeup designs are …